Those pleasantries that we all learn as we get older.  Those short pat answers and replies that flow off of our tongues.  Right about now you may be wondering what I am talking about and are about to move on to the next post but I ask you to continue reading, you will see yourself soon or maybe you won’t.

Scene one:  Someone has received bad news, it may be health related or perhaps they have been notified of the death of a loved one…response: “I’ll pray for you or I’ll keep you in my prayers”  These words slide off our tongue and we use them as words of comfort.  What if we stopped in our tracks, held the hand of the one suffering in despair and said a prayer?  What if our words became actions?

Scene two: You run into someone and say, “I was just thinking about you the other day…I was going to give you a call.”  If indeed you had thought of that person and had debated about giving them a call…why didn’t you?

Scene three:  You have a nice chat with someone and say, “Drop in anytime you are in the neighborhood!”  When in reality you hope they forget your address and if they do stop by you will hide behind the curtains until they think you are not home and leave.

We are all guilty of at least one of the above scenarios, the question is why?  In the pursuit of being polite we have become just the opposite.  We hide behind our politeness and rudely dismiss people,

we disguise our busyness with polite dismissals and promises to keep in touch.  I don’t believe this is what our parents or grandparents had in mind when they taught us to be polite, mind our manners and speak in kindness.

Maybe it is time for us to slow down and internally “HEAR” our responses before we let them fly out of our mouths.  Maybe it is time to put our words into action, walk our talk and truly mean what we say.  Just my thoughts….think about it….change starts with me and perhaps you too!


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