Lessons learned from a sock monkey named Maxwell

Sock Monkeys are those adorable creatures that have been around forever.  Sock Monkey’s have their origin in the Victorian Era and the red lipped monkey pictured below became popular after they were made with the red heeled Rockford sock which was produced in Rockford Illinois and patented in 1955.  Sock monkey’s represent simplicity, invoke a smile and laughter.  They are kind, loving and cross all economic boundaries.  Simply put…they are about peace not war, gentleness not rage and getting back to basics.   Nothing is more basic than a pair of socks.  I found myself staring at my sock monkey family and asking them, “Any thoughts on World Peace?”  Now before you assume that I have had a mental break from reality, (which I have not) let me tell you I believe those little sock creations spoke to my heart.  “One smile, One word, One kindness at a time.”  I know this isn’t fodder for front page press but it did get me thinking about the implications of that one sentence.  I can’t change the economy, fix our nations highways or purify our polluted waters but I can change me and the immediate space that I fill on this earth.  I can control how I react and treat those I encounter throughout the day and by doing so, I can make one spot on this planet a kinder and gentler place.  Without fanfare or bells and whistles, I believe those sock monkey’s are onto something.  If their message could reach the masses then more pockets of kindness would dot this earth.  Connect those dots and you can see the bigger picture.  Wouldn’t a sock monkey nation be a wonderful place to raise children, work, play and grow?  It is amazing what an act of kindness can accomplish.  It is a kind of seed that can flourish under the harshest conditions and can be more contagious than swine flu.  So, with that said, I invite all of you to channel your inner sock monkey and make a change.  The immediate area that you can visually see and the people within it is the perfect place to start.  Change starts with me, change starts with you…we are all on this planet together! Visit http://www.sockmonkeynation.com



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