Coffee is my best friend~

As I stood staring at my Keurig waiting for it to trickle out my first cup of coffee, I suddenly realized that I anticipated this steaming beverage like the arrival of a long lost friend. The seconds it took to brew found me antsy as I waited to wrap my hand around that hot mug.  I will be the first to admit my addiction to coffee, there I said it and it is now out in the open.  Yes, I love the caffeine wake up buzz but it is so much more than that.  Coffee is the friend that has been present for every event in my adult life.  It has jump started me in the morning, calmed me when I have been upset, and has been my reading buddy for literally every book I have read in the last 35 years.  Coffee is a  constant and dependable factor in my life.  It has varied in strength, temperature and quality but it has always been there, good, bad and every form in between.  Whereas a sunset can bring out the poet or romantic, coffee brings out my focus, it somehow says “you can do it, it will be okay, just look around and focus.”  In my head I know that my coffee friendship is fiction but that doesn’t matter anyway.  A cup of coffee gives me what a good friend can, hope, direction and the push to do what needs to be done.  I wonder how many people through the centuries have come to make friends with this brown colored liquid?  It can be served in so many different ways and that makes it the perfect companion for the masses that will partake of it.  I love to watch and listen to people as they order their coffee drinks.  The drink they order is as unique as the person who is drinking it. Expresso, lattes, mocha’s americano, skinny, frappe, iced, sugar and cream to name a few.  I have had all of the fore mentioned but plain old hot black coffee is my favorite way to interact with this friend.  I remember my grandmother telling about the ration coupons during WWII and coffee was one of the things that was in short supply.  I can’t imagine that being the case for me but I know that a day may come when I am no longer able to drink from this cup of friendship, so for now I will enjoy my friend for as long as I can and continue to share my memories with my best bud, Coffee.


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