An Open Door

     As I opened the door to let Maxwell House my standard poodle out for his morning business, I was struck with a thought that stayed with me throughout the day.  How many doors have been opened in my life that I  have never walked through?  I remember the doors and opportunities that were closed, but what about the doors of opportunity that I just didn’t step through?  Many of us have missed meeting new people, trying new things and experiencing what life has to offer simply because we never took a leap of faith into the unknown.  Self doubt and fear are two of the deadly killers that stop us in our tracks and keep us contained in a floating purgatory where we never gain access into the world of possibilities.  We clearly see the signs of a closed door, but why are we unaware of the open doors that stand before us this very minute.  The waking hours of any given day are full of people, places and choices that will present themselves to us.  For every no we may speak, there is a possible yes.  We walk through open doors of possibility without seeing where they may lead or  contemplate if perhaps we should have closed that door ourselves.  Many of us stand in the door jam of life and gaze at what is before us, longing for what we see and yet  are never willing to take the first step.  Life is short, what do we have to lose but a chance to reach our fullest potential.  Today I vow to run through those open doors with the same vigor and desire as my poodle Maxwell does.  I don’t know what adventure is out there but I am willing to take that first step in order to find out!


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