A new batch of monkeys!



A new batch of monkeys arrived today for my sock monkey nation kindness campaign and once again, I find myself in awe over these little creatures. As I opened up the box and placed “Mom and Dad” monkey next to the box, the magic began!   It was if I could hear them cooing over their newest editions.  “They have your nose, dear!” Daddy monkey exclaimed as he gently patted a junior sock monkey on the head.  “Think of their potential!”  Mommy monkey said with pride since she knew that soon her brood would be out into the community bringing a smile to someone in need.  As I stood back and watched this imaginary exchange, I was reminded of a simpler time with my two daughters (they are now grown)…now time has gotten away from me and everyone else as we scurry about with the complexities of just living life.  My sock monkey family is never in a hurry, they savor the moment and soak in what life has to offer.  They live in the present and sow seeds of kindness for the future.  They are not lazy, for they have a mission but sense that to be effective, they must first be patient.  These special sock monkeys are a breed of their own,  for they are sock monkeys of kindness and their sole purpose is to convey that message to all they encounter.  The moment is broken and reality nudges me to gather up my brood, but as I do, I am reminded that these little creatures represent all that is good, kind and gentle in humanity.  I strive to be a sock monkey of kindness and it is my deepest wish that you do too!  Please visit me at http://www.sockmonkeynation.com to learn more~