What Actions make a Bully?

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In the previous blog.  We asked, “What does a Bully look like?”  Now it is time to determine what are some of the actions that make you a bully…grab an adult and let’s get started!                               Pushing, shoving, pinching, hitting and biting are just some of the physical actions of a bully.  Remember we said that bullies hurt others and make them feel bad.  Ask yourself, “Do I like to be hit, pinched, pushed and shoved?”  We all know the answer to that question is a big…NO!

Let’s look at some examples of what bullying looks like on the playground.

  1. Pushing someone off from any of the playground equipment is being a bully.
  2. Cutting in front of someone waiting to use the the slides, swings, monkey bars and even the drinking fountain is being a bully
  3. Name calling, teasing, taking somebody’s toys and personal items without asking is being a bully. You are also acting like a bully when you don’t give someone back their stuff even if they gave you permission to use it.  An example of this would be when a friend lets you play with their sand toys; you need to return them when you are asked to give them back because they weren’t yours to begin with.

The Sock Monkeys from sock monkey nation have a saying and it goes like this “Be the friend that you would like to have!”  Let’s all say that together…. “Be the friend that you would like to have!”  Who wants a friend that is mean, calls you names, pushes you around, takes your things and makes you feel sad?  Do you want a friend like that?  I bet the answer is another BIG “NO!”

Remember: To make a friend, you have to be a friend first and the play ground is the perfect place to have fun with friends!  Please visit us @http://www.sockmonkeynation.com


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