A Modern Day Fable

A modern day fable of manners and class!

A Whimsical Nana


Way up high on the seventeenth floor lived a selfish young princess dressed in Dior.

“My nail is chipped and my hair is a mess.”Where is that maid, I need to get dressed!”

“Bring me my dog, now take him to pee.  Run me a bath and bring me my tea!”

She clamored and bellowed, bullied and such that her maid up and quit, she’d had just too much.

Now alone and frightened on the seventeenth floor, there came a knock on the Princess’s door.

Not sure what to do without hired help, the knocking kept knocking, her little dog yelped.

Knocking and yelping the neighbors could hear, so they called the cops and one was quite near.

“I think she’s in danger, I think she is dead”  “I really don’t care” one neighbor said.

So the cop took the stairs to the seventeenth floor, stopping in front of…

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