The Three Little Pigs and the Big Box Store!

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Box Store

Once upon a time in the land of Ding-a-ma-doo, lived three little pigs in an oversized shoe.

Now this shoe once housed children and a mother distraught, who had whipped those poor children until she was caught.

Once the house was foreclosed and the mom locked away, the pigs bought the house the very next day.

The floors were uneven, tarnished and worn, the windows were broken, and the draperies were torn.

The toilet was clogged with toys and kid poo, the tub with a film of sticky blue goo.

The heater didn’t heat the freezer didn’t freeze, the dust mites ran rampant  while the pigs coughed and sneezed.

“Oh my what a mess, what shall we do?”  said the littlest pig who wasn’t quite two.

“Oh hush and be still while I ponder this mess!” said the one little pig who pondered the best.

Now the third pig was listening and puffed out his chest, taking his Gold card from out of his vest.

“No need to worry,  I can get all the stuff to make our shoes shine with floors you don’t buff!”

So off those pigs went to the GET IT NOW STORE, whose motto is “buy it, you always need more.”

Each pig took a cart and off they did trot, filling their cart with every whatnot.

Duct tape and pipes, wood and some screws, gallons of paint in various hues.

Flooring and tiles, a hand-woven rug and even a bathtub with a platinum  plug.

When their  carts were full, off they did head to cashier 6 who was dressed all in red.

“Did you find what you need. Are you sure you don’t need more?”  asked the pig dressed in red who was totally  bored.

“Yes, Yes, Yes!” all three pigs replied.  Their joy was apparent, their thrill they couldn’t hide.

“Will it be cash or credit? I see you’ve purchased the best.”  “Gold credit” said the pig, the one in the vest.

So the cashier he tallied and punched in the keys. With the ticker tape growing up to his knees.

With a stroke of a key, the cash register stopped and the number before them flashed with a pop.

“Two zillion and twenty, sixty four is what’s due, paper or plastic? It’s all up to you.”

Those pigs were elated as they left the box store with all that they needed and so very much more.

They hammered and papered, painted and sawed, fixing the things that once were quite flawed

On the day they were finished, the day they moved in, all of their troubles would now just begin.

They held a big party and invited the town, served a big brunch, entertained with a clown.

People toured the pigs’ shoe and exclaimed with delight, “You said you could fix it and you did the job right.”

“It’s shiny and glossy, not vulgar or crass.  You’ve made it a showplace. You’re pigs with such class.

Those pigs how the shimmied and puffed out their chests.  Proudly proclaiming that they now owned the best.

Now the very next day at quarter past five, the very same time the mail would arrive,

The three little pigs were having their tea and enjoying their home in denial you see,

For the mail contained bills from the GET IT NOW STORE and the very next day the mail would hold more.

Gold credit you see is easy to get, you spend it and spend it and then you must fret,

“How do we pay? Oh, how we regret!”

Those three little pigs were suddenly poor and the bank took their shoe and showed them the door.

Now the moral is this, take heed if you dare, manage your money, handle with care.

Things are just things and stuff is just stuff,  until you’re content there is never enough.

Take what you need, give when you can  the lessons the same for pig and for man.


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