I wish I could blame it on the Oreo’s but I can’t!

A Whimsical Nana


It all started out innocently enough, pouring milk for my grandchildren and placing a plate of Oreo’s on the table for dipping, when the demons from my past showed up and I had to walk away to regroup.  You see, I am a recovering bulimic and at the age of 57 I have struggled with this addition for 40 years.  The funny thing is this, out of all of the cookies in the world, Oreo’s are my least favorite.  The package says, “Milk’s favorite cookie,” when in reality I would rather dunk a graham cracker any day.  I struggle daily with food issues and yet to those who don’t know of my addition, I just appear to pick at my food and would rather have a good cup of coffee and conversation.  I have come along way since my days of popping laxatives like they were candy and bringing up…

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Warm Fuzzies and all that Jazz!


As I look out the window and see the snow falling, I experience a mixture of feelings.  On one hand I am warm and snug as my fingers wrap around my steaming cup of coffee; on the other hand I know snow will continue to fall up until April, if not longer and it is only the first of December.  The snow falling outside blends nicely with my lit Christmas tree and festive holiday decorations, and for a moment or two, I imagine  my home as a warm and fuzzy Christmas card with me in the midst of it all UNTIL…reality sets in.  The furnace is chugging full blast and even the household poodle knows that the “real” warm fuzzies require help from the mammoth emitting heat in the basement.  If I could take my “warm fuzzies, my poodle, tree, coffee and me and seal us into a “Winter Wonderland” snow globe, all would be well, but like most of the snow globes I have owned over the years, someone will come along and knock it over and then it’s goodbye warm fuzzies, clean up on aisle six!  The truth of the matter is this, winter is long and often hard here in Northern Michigan and I complain every year as if Mother Nature will take heed and  tip the globe over, giving me the winter sunshine of the southern states.  I know that spring follows winter and Northern Michigan shines the brightest when the sun glistens off our pristine waters and glorious beaches. Summer will bring life and laughter to the dormant park and splash pad across the street from me.  Trees will bloom, birds will sing and the sidewalks will brim with dogs walking their owners, but for now, as the snow falls I realize this, winter is the time for my Northern Michigan haven to pull up it’s snow covered blanket, slow down and just “chill”, something I have a hard time doing.  Warm fuzzies are created from within, not the other way around. So let the snow fall, the wind blow and Mother Nature give me what she may.  I will simply pour more coffee and slip back into my warm fuzzies and all that jazz, for life is good regardless of the weather!