I wish I could blame it on the Oreo’s but I can’t!

A Whimsical Nana


It all started out innocently enough, pouring milk for my grandchildren and placing a plate of Oreo’s on the table for dipping, when the demons from my past showed up and I had to walk away to regroup.  You see, I am a recovering bulimic and at the age of 57 I have struggled with this addition for 40 years.  The funny thing is this, out of all of the cookies in the world, Oreo’s are my least favorite.  The package says, “Milk’s favorite cookie,” when in reality I would rather dunk a graham cracker any day.  I struggle daily with food issues and yet to those who don’t know of my addition, I just appear to pick at my food and would rather have a good cup of coffee and conversation.  I have come along way since my days of popping laxatives like they were candy and bringing up…

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