“You’re not the boss of me!” the kindergartner said
When his mommy told him, “son, now it’s time for bed
“Wait till I turn 18, I’ll do just as I please”
Said the boy to his father who took away his keys
I’m 21 and DRINK; stop me if you dare,
His folks showed concern, but he didn’t really care
College came and went and a job he did procure
Found a pretty brunette and asked to marry her
Bought a house in “Newville” where everything was new
The boss of his own destiny, to do as he would do
The years went by and children came, one, then two, then three
He had it all, life was grand, and this was his decree
“Look mom and dad” I did succeed, I knew it all along
You didn’t have to ride my butt and tell me right from wrong
The seasons changed, his kids grew up and then they started school
“You’re not our boss” his children cried, he knew he’d been a fool
He saw now as a parent sees, through eyes just like his own
He knew he had a call to make, pulling out his phone
And when his parents answered, he said between his tears
You’re the “best boss” a kid could have; I thank you for the years
You never walked away and let me run amuck
The things you meant to teach, I DO BELIEVE they’ve stuck
Until we are a parent and see what parents see
We never can appreciate just how we came to be
Thank you to my Mom and Dad, who led and did not fold
And made me see the value of ….Do as you are told!

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, I guess it was yesterday, I met a suited gentleman as he hurried on his way,
His shoes were shined and polished, his suit was custom made, American Express, was the card with which he  paid.
He had a fancy title, and a fancy car, he traveled for his business that took him near and far
His condo had a golf course, and a Porshe is what he drove, His wife a custom kitchen, but she’d never touched the stove.
His children they were lovely, as anyone could tell, until they told their father, they wished he’d go to hell.
On the outside picture perfect, a life I wished I had,
but open up and walk inside, it really was quite sad
Money can’t buy happiness, the kind that really lasts, the kind that makes you smile, while thinking on the past
Envy from the sidewalk is a mighty slippery slope, wanting what we see, we hope and hope and hope,
That maybe if we work hard, and push on to the top, we’ll acquire all the trappings and then the work can stop
And while we’re chasing tails, we never seem to grab, becoming disconnected, our life an oozing scab
Our families become broken and crying from their pain, but can’t they see we strived, for great financial gain?
A lot can mean little and a little can mean so much, it’s what we give with love, our time and with our touch
The moral of the story if a moral there must be, give thanks for what you have, don’t envy what you see
We never truly know, how other people live, we only know ourselves and what we have to give

The music of my life!

frontpage          I am not musical, never have been and most likely will never become more than I am today, but I appreciate what music can awaken in the human spirit.  When I play around with my granddaughter’s keyboard, I am aware of the distinct sounds that each key makes.   Each note is different and unique.  Play a few notes together and it is the beginning of something catchy, mundane or dreadful.  Someone who knows what they are doing can manipulate the notes in such a way that a song is created that stirs our emotions and takes us to a different level of  awareness.  As I look over my life, I see that it too, is made of single notes, individual moments in time that are truly unique and different.  Many of these notes have been quirky, fun and exciting.  I have had times in my life where the notes ran together in a painful and dark stanza like those of a funeral march, only to find the notes changing into a sweet Lullaby that makes me feel safe and secure.  My life has been an Opera with drama and conflict.  It has been a Broadway musical with some “Singing in the Rain” mixed in with a little Vegas supper club music to set the mood.  I am reminded of the “Donny and Marie” show when they sang, “I’m a little bit country and I’m a little bit rock and roll” and how those musical dimensions have factored into my life.  I am a country girl by birth and have experienced some of the raw grittiness of a “rock & roll” life by the choices I have made over the years.  Moment by moment, year by year, I have been composing the emotional songs that are my life.  Some have been stellar and I would rank them on my top ten list, others are not worthy of making my top 40.  Regardless of where these compositions of  my life rank, they define me, who I am and what I have done in my life.  My musical score is not complete, for I have many more notes to add and I can only pray that I have many more sheets to fill with music before my final song is sung.

A Box of Crayons


As I was cleaning out my granddaughter’s craft area, I noticed a new box of crayons tucked in the back of the drawer.  I could not resist opening it up and looking at all of the bright colors and the nice pointed tips.  I found myself wanting to grab a sheet of paper and draw a big round sun and a vivid blue sky, then I thought, “If I were four I might draw a purple cat with a green tail and if I were eight I would draw a mermaid with a shimmery gold metallic tail.”  To see a box of crayons through the eyes of a child reminds us that anything is possible, life is not just black and white.  As I put away the glue sticks and colored pencils, I vowed to see the details and beauty around me.  A simple box of crayons made me wonder what is the color of contentment, happiness and love?  I don’t have the answer but I know it is not simply black and white.

This Wandering led me to the wonder and scope of God’s creation.  We take for granted a blue sky only until the gray clouds move in.  Each season is filled with God’s glory and colored with divine precision.  Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God: the skies proclaim the works of his hands.”  My prayer is that you look at God’s creation with the same wonder as a child does upon opening a new box of crayons…wonderful indeed!

To the Moon and Back

To the Moon and Back

We are all familiar with the saying “to the moon and back” which generally refers to a love that cannot be measured. One day as I told my granddaughter that I loved her to the moon and back she said, “I love you more, because I love you to Florida and back!” I was now puzzled and asked, “why Florida?” She looked at me with amazement that I could be so dense. “You can see the moon but you can’t see Florida, SO I LOVE YOU MORE!” Well, she had me on that one, simple kid logic that had nothing to do with the reality of miles or space travel, just honest in your face kid logic…and it worked. I found myself once again looking at my life through the eyes of a child. As adults we deal in FACTS, REALITY and often over look the simple truth, not everything has to make sense, to make sense. Kaleigh’s analogy about Florida was not rooted in scientific fact but in sentiment that was much more tangible than my “to the moon and back” statement. Maybe love doesn’t have to be so fact based. Maybe we can put all of the facts aside and embrace the possibility that there is no logic as to why we love or how much we love but rather something that defies logic all together. Maybe love is that one thing that isn’t logical, doesn’t always add up or conform to the standard rules of common sense and yet makes the most sense of all. For me, to be loved to Florida and back is so much love that it makes “to the moon and back pale in comparison.” Here’s wishing all of you a life filled with Florida love too!

This Wandering brought me to the love God has for me. It doesn’t logically make sense why a God who is perfect would love such an imperfect person. I can’t wrap my head around it and I don’t have to. God has it figured out. He is THE PERFECT LOGIC and all I need to do is accept what He is offering.
John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever
Believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” I don’t know about you but I find that pretty amazing and illogical at the same time. We don’t deserve it, we didn’t earn it and we will never be worthy of it on our own merit. None of it makes sense in human terms but God’s love for us transcends our human understanding. God loves me in a way that makes “to the moon and back” child’s play!