A Box of Crayons


As I was cleaning out my granddaughter’s craft area, I noticed a new box of crayons tucked in the back of the drawer.  I could not resist opening it up and looking at all of the bright colors and the nice pointed tips.  I found myself wanting to grab a sheet of paper and draw a big round sun and a vivid blue sky, then I thought, “If I were four I might draw a purple cat with a green tail and if I were eight I would draw a mermaid with a shimmery gold metallic tail.”  To see a box of crayons through the eyes of a child reminds us that anything is possible, life is not just black and white.  As I put away the glue sticks and colored pencils, I vowed to see the details and beauty around me.  A simple box of crayons made me wonder what is the color of contentment, happiness and love?  I don’t have the answer but I know it is not simply black and white.

This Wandering led me to the wonder and scope of God’s creation.  We take for granted a blue sky only until the gray clouds move in.  Each season is filled with God’s glory and colored with divine precision.  Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God: the skies proclaim the works of his hands.”  My prayer is that you look at God’s creation with the same wonder as a child does upon opening a new box of crayons…wonderful indeed!


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