The music of my life!

frontpage          I am not musical, never have been and most likely will never become more than I am today, but I appreciate what music can awaken in the human spirit.  When I play around with my granddaughter’s keyboard, I am aware of the distinct sounds that each key makes.   Each note is different and unique.  Play a few notes together and it is the beginning of something catchy, mundane or dreadful.  Someone who knows what they are doing can manipulate the notes in such a way that a song is created that stirs our emotions and takes us to a different level of  awareness.  As I look over my life, I see that it too, is made of single notes, individual moments in time that are truly unique and different.  Many of these notes have been quirky, fun and exciting.  I have had times in my life where the notes ran together in a painful and dark stanza like those of a funeral march, only to find the notes changing into a sweet Lullaby that makes me feel safe and secure.  My life has been an Opera with drama and conflict.  It has been a Broadway musical with some “Singing in the Rain” mixed in with a little Vegas supper club music to set the mood.  I am reminded of the “Donny and Marie” show when they sang, “I’m a little bit country and I’m a little bit rock and roll” and how those musical dimensions have factored into my life.  I am a country girl by birth and have experienced some of the raw grittiness of a “rock & roll” life by the choices I have made over the years.  Moment by moment, year by year, I have been composing the emotional songs that are my life.  Some have been stellar and I would rank them on my top ten list, others are not worthy of making my top 40.  Regardless of where these compositions of  my life rank, they define me, who I am and what I have done in my life.  My musical score is not complete, for I have many more notes to add and I can only pray that I have many more sheets to fill with music before my final song is sung.


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