Once upon a time

Once upon a time, I guess it was yesterday, I met a suited gentleman as he hurried on his way,
His shoes were shined and polished, his suit was custom made, American Express, was the card with which he  paid.
He had a fancy title, and a fancy car, he traveled for his business that took him near and far
His condo had a golf course, and a Porshe is what he drove, His wife a custom kitchen, but she’d never touched the stove.
His children they were lovely, as anyone could tell, until they told their father, they wished he’d go to hell.
On the outside picture perfect, a life I wished I had,
but open up and walk inside, it really was quite sad
Money can’t buy happiness, the kind that really lasts, the kind that makes you smile, while thinking on the past
Envy from the sidewalk is a mighty slippery slope, wanting what we see, we hope and hope and hope,
That maybe if we work hard, and push on to the top, we’ll acquire all the trappings and then the work can stop
And while we’re chasing tails, we never seem to grab, becoming disconnected, our life an oozing scab
Our families become broken and crying from their pain, but can’t they see we strived, for great financial gain?
A lot can mean little and a little can mean so much, it’s what we give with love, our time and with our touch
The moral of the story if a moral there must be, give thanks for what you have, don’t envy what you see
We never truly know, how other people live, we only know ourselves and what we have to give


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