“You’re not the boss of me!” the kindergartner said
When his mommy told him, “son, now it’s time for bed
“Wait till I turn 18, I’ll do just as I please”
Said the boy to his father who took away his keys
I’m 21 and DRINK; stop me if you dare,
His folks showed concern, but he didn’t really care
College came and went and a job he did procure
Found a pretty brunette and asked to marry her
Bought a house in “Newville” where everything was new
The boss of his own destiny, to do as he would do
The years went by and children came, one, then two, then three
He had it all, life was grand, and this was his decree
“Look mom and dad” I did succeed, I knew it all along
You didn’t have to ride my butt and tell me right from wrong
The seasons changed, his kids grew up and then they started school
“You’re not our boss” his children cried, he knew he’d been a fool
He saw now as a parent sees, through eyes just like his own
He knew he had a call to make, pulling out his phone
And when his parents answered, he said between his tears
You’re the “best boss” a kid could have; I thank you for the years
You never walked away and let me run amuck
The things you meant to teach, I DO BELIEVE they’ve stuck
Until we are a parent and see what parents see
We never can appreciate just how we came to be
Thank you to my Mom and Dad, who led and did not fold
And made me see the value of ….Do as you are told!


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