The Snore

I poke him in the side, he doesn’t even move

Now the dog is snoring, they’re “gettin” with the grove

A chainsaw and a train are whizzing in the air

It’s 2 am, I’m wide awake, as if they even care

Every night at half past two, the Snorefest does begin

I never bought the bracelet and still they let me in

I toss and turn and then decide a murder I can’t do

I know it’s wrong, but simply ask, Now what if it where you?

I cuss and fuss and toss and turn and get up in a huff

Now the snoring’s different, they seem to snort and puff

Duct tape’s not the answer, but a pillow it might work

I really have to stop these thoughts, I’m sounding like a jerk

For if there were no snoring and if the night were still

I’d worry they weren’t breathing, now I pray to God they will

So in the scope of life, I need to do what’s best

Like heading to the spare room, so I can get some rest


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