Ode to Sickness!

In this kind of weather,  sick is my new norm

Fever with the wind chills, I shiver with the each storm

buy the tissues, use the tissues, then throw them all away

I’m coughing in the morning and hack throughout the day

People saying “Bless you” I’m wishing that He might

Take away this yuckiness so I can sleep tonight

Can’t look into the mirror, it’s not a pretty sight

A medicated junkie, cold syrup’s my delight

A new season’s coming , the sun is on its way

Coughing and hacking,with the pollen and the hay

Allergies in summer, are bad, but I can cope

I’ll be “Sippin Margaritas” not swigging down this dope



One thought on “Ode to Sickness!

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