Color your World!


Walking through Home Depot, I stop and run my hands over the strips of paint samples. There is a color to match everyone’s taste in decor and style. Colors often make me think about my feelings and my moods. They somehow describe my moods.  Colors may be subtle or bold just like our individual personalities. As I hold up a vibrant yellow, I think about summer sunshine and tall cool glasses of lemonade. The varying shades of blue can take me above the clouds or into the depths of the ocean. Have you ever asked a child to describe the color of a fairy, unicorn or even a dreaded monster? I can promise you this….a child can vividly imagine in color and that is easily verified by their artwork. If our hopes and dreams and even our biggest fears can be associated with colors, I wonder this….what is the universal color of hope, love and kindness? How dark is the color of hate or the hue of death, as each of us will face it one day! But for now, I take the vibrant sunshine yellow swatch up to the counter and patiently wait for it to be mixed with the tinted base. It will take a small windowless bathroom,that is tucked away in my basement and to shed light upon its dreary shadows. I envision splashes of blue with the hand towels and a brown rug on the floor, just the right shade of a warm sandy beach. Color, it surrounds us, defines us, and can conjure up feelings of love and security. If this is indeed true… What color is your world today? If you don’t like it, then maybe it’s time for a change. We all know the walls won’t paint themselves, neither will your life change unless you pick up that brush and make the first stroke! Go ahead…do it…color your world today!


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