It is, what it is, until it isn’t!


We are all familiar with the saying, “IT IS, WHAT IT IS”…but what if it isn’t. Very rarely is something just “what it is.” There is always more, another chapter, another lingering thought. Even when we finish a book or a movie, the ending isn’t the end. We wonder what if the characters had taken a different path or we discuss how we think it should have ended. Life as a whole, is a continuum of what has happened in our past. Only in death, does life this side of heaven become completely finished. We learn to cope, separate issues and even shelve situations in order to move on. All of these things are important and necessary to “get on” with our lives but any way you slice it or dice it….it is never a case of “it is, what it is!” We may change jobs, go through a divorce or broken relationships, but every experience molds us, shapes up and defines us. If that is the case, then “it is, what it is” is another piece of the puzzle that forms our lives and completes our life’s picture. We all have highs and lows in our lives, but the majority of life is made up of “it is” moments, that are strung together over time, relationships and ultimately escorts us into our death….it is then, that “it is, what it is” is complete and finished. So I have chosen to embrace all of my “it is” moments, the good, the bad and the “what was I thinking?” They have shaped me, warped me, refined me and in the end have spit out a better person, or so I would like to think. Life is short, take your “it is, what it is” moments and find a way to connect them…in the end, your puzzle will be complete and your passport of life can then be stamped…”Well Done!”


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