Family is Like a Glass of Milk!


Have you ever noticed that as you pour a glass of milk, the first drop and the last drop of milk become part of the whole glass? Families are a lot like that, or in my mind they should be. I am the oldest of four children, four distinctly different kids. We are separated by age, gender, eye color and personal tastes. Our interests and talents are greatly varied. Many people may not even guess that we are related, that is until there is a crisis, joyous event or life altering occurrence. It is at that point that you will see the Walton kids become one glass of milk. It won’t matter who shows up first or who arrives late, just like the drops of milk, we become one glass, one unit that is a family. We are not orphans by any means because our parents represent the glass, the vessel that holds us together, the stable container that has been there my entire fifty seven years on this earth. We are by no means perfect and there have been upsets over the years that have left some of us on the outside of the glass like spilt milk, but in our family, we wipe up the mess, dry the tears and pour ourselves back into the whole. Our family is the epitome of “Don’t cry over split milk” because we will rally, we will support and we will always make sure the glass is never so full that there is no room for someone. How is your glass of milk today? It is never too late to appreciate the glass of milk life has given you. I challenge you bring a plate of cookies to the next family gathering and look around at those you love. Go ahead dip that cookie, get involved, and share a laugh because nothing goes better with a cookie than a tall glass of milk. These are just my wondering thoughts as I pour a glass of milk and think of my family. I love them all, each and every drop, or should I say one of them!


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