Grilled Cheese Therapy


As I was making a grilled cheese sandwich for my granddaughter, a minor problem was running through my head. As I went through the motion of gathering the loaf of bread, butter and cheese slices, the problem was laying itself out before me, issue by issue. In those seconds the problem was front and center and now viable solutions were beginning to form in my head. One by one the possible options were before me, and with each movement of the knife as I spread the butter upon the bread, my mind brought forth another idea. “Nope, that one won’t work,” I thought as the cheese slice was placed between the bread and the assembled sandwich was laid into the pan. For the next three minutes as I stood at the stove, crisping one side and then the other, my mine tallied the pros and cons, eliminated options and a plan of action was beginning to form. Once the sandwich was done, chips added to the plate and a glass of milk was poured and set before a hungry 10 year old, I felt I had a better grasp on the situation. It was as I began the minor kitchen clean up, it dawned on me that a simple grilled cheese sandwich had forced me to slow down and through its simple construction, my mind slowed down too. Don’t get me wrong, I am not about to hang out my shingle and offer solutions through a series of “grilled cheese sandwich” seminars, but I did learn something valuable, mundane chores and actions can be the catalyst that slows our minds and lets us reflect on life, clearly define problems and helps us to filter out the rest. I challenge each and everyone one of you to approach those daily things that you can do with your eyes closed, with a new sense of purpose. Let your mind have its voice as you dust and vacuum or fold that dreaded basket of laundry. I truly believe the simple act of doing “something” is often the first step to solving a problem or finding an answer to some of the questions we all have in our lives. Mine was through the making of a grilled cheese sandwich, yours may be that trip to the curb with your garbage, either way, the mundane, may hold the answers. I know it did for me.