Valor is a word that we don’t hear very often and when we do, it is often in regards to an act of military bravery. The Webster Dictionary definition of Valor is as follows: “great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.” “Great Courage” takes on many meanings for there are many battles in life. A single mother working two jobs yet maintaining stability and nurturing her children at the same time is valiant. Valor is shown time and time again and yet we often don’t stop to acknowledge the brave souls who exhibit “Valor” in their daily lives as they face many dangers and obstacles. It takes great courage to face an addiction head on and come out clean and sober when the battle has been fought, demons slain and there are battle scars that are evident. Valor is a word that is often seen as archaic and yet it is a word that commands respect and makes you stand a little taller. Valor is a concept that should be taught right along with love of country and our fellow mankind. To display valor in ones own life means owning our mistakes, mending fences and sometimes turning the other cheek, Just as we salute a solider returning from war, let us give a pat on the back to those who display valor when faced with the adversities of life, rise to the occasion and courageously do the right thing. There are many battles in life and most of them are fought in our own front yards. Be of good spirit, for valor is alive and well. Take the time to look around and you will see it shining in the faces of many that you know, perhaps even that face you see in the mirror!