What’s our excuse?

Good Morning, This morning I was thinking about when my girls were little and they were being taught manners. I remember gently nudging them when someone gave them a gift and they forgot to say “thank you.” I would ask, (what do you say?) and then the forgotten thank you would appear. Anyone with children/grandchildren remembers the please and thank you lessons and the other manners that we have tried to instill. “Don’t interrupt when someone is speaking, say “excuse me” we don’t call people fat or say they have a big nose because that could hurt their feelings and is mean.” And after all of our hard work we rejoice when someone comments on what a polite child little Jimmy or Suzy is. So, My question is this…what’s our excuse for lack of manners at the grocery store when the cashier is having trouble scanning an item or we are the 10th in line at Starbucks and we don’t think the poor gal is mass producing the ” skinny grande mocha with sugar free, steamed extra warm and hold the whipped cream” fast enough? We can teach and preach manners until the “cow jumps over the moon” but if we don’t walk our talk, children will soon catch on, that as soon as they are old enough they can be as nasty as they like….it is one of the benefits of being an adult. Just my thoughts, think about it, please ! Kindness produces kindness no matter how old we are!  Please visit http://www.sockmonkeynation.com to learn more about kindness and help stop the bullying~


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