​The beauty of a sockism is it is simple like a sock monkey, anyone can understand it and choose to embrace it or not.  If you choose to embrace a sockism, you are on your way to making your spot on this earth a little bit kinder.   You put on a sockism just as you would your socks…one at a time!


Arrogance x ignorance are two negatives that will never produce a positive!

Love is the four letter word that cancels out the rest!

Failure is just one component in the blueprint of success!

Only look down in order to lift someone up

​My personal freedoms should never create your  personal prison

      Rage in our words can be as deadly as the rage in our fists

Time is priceless, spend it wisely

Stand tall so you can see beyond despair

Never demand the last word…it may be how you are remembered


Learning to be content makes our “wants” small and our

blessings abundant


    A serving of gratitude improves your attitude

                           Chase your dreams not your tail

​             Write your life’s story in pencil so you can make your corrections as needed           

​                               Don’t be a stranger to those who care about you

              Failure to mentally yield and look both ways in life can lead to disaster

​                       Watch a child play and learn the importance of dreams                 

                 Believe, achieve, repeat!

Be a lifeline not a roadblock to another persons dream


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