Dust Bunnies

Housework…the chore every person who hasn’t been born with a silver spoon attached to them has to deal with. Something dirty, dusty, stinky or disgusting is in, on or around our households. I generally can get through my tasks without much difficulty or displeasure but it is the dust that frustrates me. I cannot vacuum it up like the crumbs on the floor or push a button and make it disappear like the dried on food on the dishes in the dishwasher. Instead, I CHASE IT! Someone on a different planet coined the phrase “dust bunnies.” Well I am here to tell you…MY DUST DOES NOT HOP! I believe that the dust that lives in my home is a cross between a gazelle and a hummingbird. As I chase the dust around me it seems to move at a tremendous speed and if I do catch it, it sprouts wings and flies. The last I knew bunnies don’t fly either. Some days I convince myself that I am “a one with Nature” kind of girl and decide to live in harmony with these dust creatures. This is all fine and dandy until I hear my mother’s voice inside of my head. At the age of 58 I can still be shaken by the thought, “what would the neighbors think?” I was raised to believe that dust bunnies, dirty windows and wrinkled clothing were a sign that a woman was not doing her job in the home. Times have changed and my mother has let go of a few of these notions but the damage is done….she has impregnated my mind with this 1950’s notion that dust bunnies somehow reflect on me. But for now, just for today I have decided to hold an OPEN HOUSE for ALL dust creatures and their kin. Let them come and bask in my hospitality, for tomorrow I shall attack them with vigor only to realize they apparently have the keys to my home.WP_20151124_13_12_21_Pro



So and sew, do and dew
It confuses me, how about you?
New and knew, what do we do?
Do we use to, or two, or the other one too?
Read rhymes with seed and read rhymes with bed
All of these words are hurting my head
“Be patient and try,” my dear mother said
“You’ll figure it out, now get off to bed”
When I close my eyes what do I see?
A list of words is chasing me.
Deer and dear, there and their
I’m giving up, I really don’t care
Mail or male and die or dye
Hear or here….why, oh why?
I’m so confused, what word to use
Really not sure which one to choose
I gave up the fight and called it a night
It really didn’t matter if write wasn’t right
All those words are still in my head
I’ve got an idea! I’ll learn German instead!
(Cindi Walton 2013)

Tea Time with Tessa


The clock in the hall chimed quarter to three; this was the time that Tessa took tea
Teddy and Owl who sat at her right, all of a sudden started to fight
“I want a scone and blueberry bread” said Teddy to Owl who was shaking his head
“No!” said owl with a hoot and a holler. “Pancakes the size of a real silver dollar!”
Now Tessa said firmly, “Stop this right now!” “At tea we use manners, we curtsy and bow.”
“We say please and thank you and eat what is served, without fussing and whining and getting perturbed.”
Teddy and Owl were saddened with shame, saying I’m sorry and sharing the blame
“Tea time with Tessa is much more than scones.” said Teddy to Owl in a very calm tone
“We share laughter at tea.” Owl replied. “We’ll take what is served, whether baked, boiled or fried.”
“It isn’t the food that matters the most, It’s being with Tessa, our special tea host.”
Now when the clock chimes quarter to three, tea time with Tessa is sweet as can be~
(Cindi Walton 2013)

A Penny for your Thoughts!


We all are familiar with the saying “a penny for your thoughts.”  With my grandchildren aged 8 and 15, I don’t need to ask what they are thinking because they share every piece of information they absorb whether or not I ask for it.  It is the infant and toddler that I want to spend my pennies on.  To have access to their little minds and what they are thinking fascinates me.  Have you ever looked at the face of a 9 month old as they discover a new object or rediscover something that was out of their reach?  Are they meditating, plotting or perhaps pondering the questions of life, or at least their small version of it?  I would love to know what that infant is thinking as we hug and adore them.  Are they as “gaga” over us as we are over them? Oh, little ones I would give you my entire piggy bank just to know how you view your world, not just a penny for your thoughts!  But for now I will just share these ramblings, no need for pennies, my thoughts are free!

As I watched my toddling niece explore her world my mind Wandered to world around me.  The world seems so big and vast and yet I know it is a speck in God’s universe and I am a speck upon that speck.  I think about the day I enter heaven and see the glory before me. Revelation 21:18 says “The wall was made of jasper, and the city of pure gold, as pure as glass.”  The chapter goes on to describe the wonders that I will experience, they will be like none the human eye has ever seen.  It is my prayer that those “A penny for your thoughts” will make you realize that you are God’s heir.  Our worth is not that of a penny but rather of the purest of gold because God has deemed us so!


She cringes as she looks in the mirror, disgusted by what she sees
Someone called her fat today, she examines the back of her knees
Another zit has reared its head, there’s nothing he can do,
But listen to their taunts and crap, he wishes that they knew
“It hurts like hell, I want to hide, why must you be so cruel?
Maybe I’ll stay home today, to hell with you and school!”
They say, “Come on, grow a set, a sissy you must be!”
To this he replied, “What if it were you, instead of me?”
The names we call, the things we say, the stuff we just ignore
Heaps upon another, until they cry…. NO MORE!
It must stop now, this hateful thing, that’s vile in any form
Bullying, left unchecked, becomes our nation’s norm

(Cindi Walton 2015)

On The Wings of an Eagle



On the Wings of an Eagle:


I sat in awe and wonder, as an eagle soared the sky

His wing span so majestic, pride within his eyes.

And as he flew right by me, he looked and said to me,

“I am America, and grateful you should be.

My burden it is heavy, my wings are getting frail.

I am AMERICA, do you want to see me fail?

You use up my resources, and try to bleed me dry.

You fight within my boundaries, and then you wonder why

Your enemies they attack you, and sneak in from behind,

When unity among you is something they can’t find.

You are AMERICA, now spread your wings and fly

Unless we soar together, America shall die”.

May we soar with eagles pride and say to one and all

WE ARE AMERICA, and united we won’t fall.

Cindi Walton 2015