On The Wings of an Eagle



On the Wings of an Eagle:


I sat in awe and wonder, as an eagle soared the sky

His wing span so majestic, pride within his eyes.

And as he flew right by me, he looked and said to me,

“I am America, and grateful you should be.

My burden it is heavy, my wings are getting frail.

I am AMERICA, do you want to see me fail?

You use up my resources, and try to bleed me dry.

You fight within my boundaries, and then you wonder why

Your enemies they attack you, and sneak in from behind,

When unity among you is something they can’t find.

You are AMERICA, now spread your wings and fly

Unless we soar together, America shall die”.

May we soar with eagles pride and say to one and all

WE ARE AMERICA, and united we won’t fall.

Cindi Walton 2015



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