A Penny for your Thoughts!


We all are familiar with the saying “a penny for your thoughts.”  With my grandchildren aged 8 and 15, I don’t need to ask what they are thinking because they share every piece of information they absorb whether or not I ask for it.  It is the infant and toddler that I want to spend my pennies on.  To have access to their little minds and what they are thinking fascinates me.  Have you ever looked at the face of a 9 month old as they discover a new object or rediscover something that was out of their reach?  Are they meditating, plotting or perhaps pondering the questions of life, or at least their small version of it?  I would love to know what that infant is thinking as we hug and adore them.  Are they as “gaga” over us as we are over them? Oh, little ones I would give you my entire piggy bank just to know how you view your world, not just a penny for your thoughts!  But for now I will just share these ramblings, no need for pennies, my thoughts are free!

As I watched my toddling niece explore her world my mind Wandered to world around me.  The world seems so big and vast and yet I know it is a speck in God’s universe and I am a speck upon that speck.  I think about the day I enter heaven and see the glory before me. Revelation 21:18 says “The wall was made of jasper, and the city of pure gold, as pure as glass.”  The chapter goes on to describe the wonders that I will experience, they will be like none the human eye has ever seen.  It is my prayer that those “A penny for your thoughts” will make you realize that you are God’s heir.  Our worth is not that of a penny but rather of the purest of gold because God has deemed us so!


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