She cringes as she looks in the mirror, disgusted by what she sees
Someone called her fat today, she examines the back of her knees
Another zit has reared its head, there’s nothing he can do,
But listen to their taunts and crap, he wishes that they knew
“It hurts like hell, I want to hide, why must you be so cruel?
Maybe I’ll stay home today, to hell with you and school!”
They say, “Come on, grow a set, a sissy you must be!”
To this he replied, “What if it were you, instead of me?”
The names we call, the things we say, the stuff we just ignore
Heaps upon another, until they cry…. NO MORE!
It must stop now, this hateful thing, that’s vile in any form
Bullying, left unchecked, becomes our nation’s norm

(Cindi Walton 2015)


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