Tea Time with Tessa


The clock in the hall chimed quarter to three; this was the time that Tessa took tea
Teddy and Owl who sat at her right, all of a sudden started to fight
“I want a scone and blueberry bread” said Teddy to Owl who was shaking his head
“No!” said owl with a hoot and a holler. “Pancakes the size of a real silver dollar!”
Now Tessa said firmly, “Stop this right now!” “At tea we use manners, we curtsy and bow.”
“We say please and thank you and eat what is served, without fussing and whining and getting perturbed.”
Teddy and Owl were saddened with shame, saying I’m sorry and sharing the blame
“Tea time with Tessa is much more than scones.” said Teddy to Owl in a very calm tone
“We share laughter at tea.” Owl replied. “We’ll take what is served, whether baked, boiled or fried.”
“It isn’t the food that matters the most, It’s being with Tessa, our special tea host.”
Now when the clock chimes quarter to three, tea time with Tessa is sweet as can be~
(Cindi Walton 2013)


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