So and sew, do and dew
It confuses me, how about you?
New and knew, what do we do?
Do we use to, or two, or the other one too?
Read rhymes with seed and read rhymes with bed
All of these words are hurting my head
“Be patient and try,” my dear mother said
“You’ll figure it out, now get off to bed”
When I close my eyes what do I see?
A list of words is chasing me.
Deer and dear, there and their
I’m giving up, I really don’t care
Mail or male and die or dye
Hear or here….why, oh why?
I’m so confused, what word to use
Really not sure which one to choose
I gave up the fight and called it a night
It really didn’t matter if write wasn’t right
All those words are still in my head
I’ve got an idea! I’ll learn German instead!
(Cindi Walton 2013)


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