All that Glitters…Look Nana!


     Since my granddaughter Kaleigh would be out of state and with her father over Christmas I broke a cardinal rule and found myself getting out the decorations before Thanksgiving.  As we hauled out the plastic tubs and opened them I found that I had not packed them as organized as I had done in previous years.  Nativity sets were in separate bins, angels and toy soldiers were nestled among the glittered pine cones and the Christmas bear family had just spent the last 10 months separated.  As I looked at the chaos and the fact that I was three weeks ahead of any “HoHoHo” feelings, it was then that I heard, “Oh Look Nana!”  On the bottom of the bin was the tiniest of my nativity scenes and it was covered in the glitter and the loose sparkles of the ornaments that it had been stored with.  As I lifted it out and looked at it I was amazed at how perfectly it sparkled, just as if it had come off the assembly line and was packaged that way.  It was not gaudy or cheap looking but rather surreal and majestic.  Kaleigh was in awe and immediately scurried looking for the perfect place to set this masterpiece.  Then it hit me, Christmas is not a season to follow Thanksgiving and to be gone with the ringing in of the New Year but rather a perpetual ongoing state of love and good will.  The cardinal rule that I had broken was not the one about putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving.  The rule that I had broken was the simple fact that I had packed up the “Season of good will” and put it in a bin to be stored in the first place.  A simple “Look Nana” was all it took for me to see what I should have already known.  Christmas is ongoing; the spirit of the season should shine 365 DAYS OUT OF THE YEAR!

As my mind Wandered to Christmas and the gift of our salvation I was also drawn to “Peace on earth, good will towards men.”  We sing this at Christmas yet God commands this of us daily.  Matthew 5:9 says “Blessed are peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God.” Note that this does not say we are to pursue peace just during the Christmas Holidays, but instead we are to seek and make peace continually.  It is my hope and prayer that you seek to glitter with peace and love daily and not tuck those attribute away to retrieved but once a year!

Cindi Walton 2013


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