Love Lines

A few years back, my granddaughter asked my mother about the wrinkles on her face, to which mom replied, “My wrinkles are love lines that I have gotten with each child, grandchild and now with you Kaleigh, my great grand child.”  You could see the wheels turning inside my grand-daughter’s head as she gently stroked my mother’s face.  With the seriousness of a college professor, Kaleigh proclaimed, “Old Nana, you must be really, really loved with that many wrinkles.”  I thought my mother would wet her pants as she roared with laughter.  Mom is now seventy eight and Kaleigh is almost eleven.  Each time we relive this story I am reminded that children do not see our wrinkles, gray hair or sore bones as negatives, but rather they see us as vessels that love and cherish them.  As I approach sixty and the wrinkles have found their way to the outer corners of my mouth and around my eyes, I have had to make personal adjustments with my attitude towards the face I see in the mirror everyday.  The changes in my face reflect the changes in my life.  Aging is the next step on my earthly journey.  Why waste the precious time I have on this earth, looking over my shoulder and whining about the loss of my youth?  To do so wastes the time I have before me.  There is emotional freedom to be had when we embrace the natural order of things.  I had my season of firm and baby like skin, and now it’s the season of defined laugh lines and wisps of graying hair.  I am so much more than I was twenty years ago, not less, but more.  More in touch with the important things in life, more apt to venture out of my comfort zone, more inclined to laugh, less likely to anger, and more in love with life than at any other time… my face and love lines reflect that.  So, as I reach for the Oil of Olay and gently lather up my love lines, I can honestly say. “I have really, really been loved.”



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