The Chosen One~

I was born in May of 1957 and never realized at the time that I’d become the first of four children in the Walton family.  A brother followed my arrival less than a year later and a sister two years after that, and then….Nothing, no more kids, nada, until 1966, nine years after I was born…my parent’s adopted my baby sister Robin.  I was in hog heaven because at the age of nine, she was my personal doll. One that ate, peed and cried without the need of batteries…and so the Walton family was complete and life went on.  Fast forward and I am now seventeen and my parent’s are leaving me in charge of the other siblings while they are gone for a short two day trip.  Logic tells you that the sixteen year old brother wasn’t taking orders from me, so I gave none.  The fourteen year sister still thought I was kinda cool, so she gave me no trouble and darling Robin was still a sweetie in my eyes…that is until it happened…she emotionally flipped the table on me and she was in charge.  Let me set the stage.  I was requesting a few simple things from her, get dressed, pick up your toys and brush your teeth.  She gave me a little static, not much and did as I asked.  It was later on that she came to me and said, “Cindi, you know I’m special!”  I remember getting down to her level and thought I was doing my best surrogate parent/big sister thing by replying, “Yes you are very special!”  At this point she was supposed to smile and go away…instead she once again says, “Cindi, I am really special cause mom and dad picked me out and you just happened…SO you’re not the boss of me!”  WOW…she had pushed my buttons and told me a thing or two.  As she defiantly walked away, it hit me…Damn, she’s right.  I remember thinking,  “If I could find the receipt for her, I’d take her back”…just kidding, but the truth of the matter is this,  I was a honeymoon baby, my brother Michael was a oops and my sister Tina was a ditto oops…But Robin Ann Walton had been planned, anticipated and sought out…she was indeed the chosen one!  Fast forward, I am now approaching sixty, Robin has surpassed me in height, so SHE LOOKS DOWN at me, yet she is still my baby sister and I will never forget the day she put her big sister in her place!  Gotta love her…she’s the Chosen One!



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