Marshmallow Hugs and Candy Cane Kisses…part one

Creating a circle of security and love is often hard to do in
this fast paced world in which we live. Feeling safe, secure
and valued are crucial components for a happy home and a
vital ingredient for the well being of our young children.
This little book was written to help you find ways to
incorporate the peace and security of God’s love mixed in
with Marshmallow Hugs and Candy Cane Kisses for the
children within your circle. Learning to incorporate mini
“God moments” into your child’s day will not only strengthen
your child’s sense of security but more importantly it will
make God a real and vital part of their lives. I believe that
Phil. 4:6-7 should be memorized and in the hearts of all
parents. It offers comfort and peace with every issue a
parent may face. “Do not be anxious about anything,
but in everything, by prayer and petition, with
thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the
peace of God, which transcends all understanding,
will guard your hearts and your mind in Christ
Jesus.” God has it covered, God has the answer, God knows
the outcome…you aren’t alone in your attempt to build a
happy home. God penned the blueprint; we must learn how
to read it.
Chapter One: The Prelude Bedtime is often a chaotic end to a busy day. By the
time the family has assembled for supper, baths are given
and a quick book is read it is “lights out and go to sleep,
PLEASE!” This is followed by “One more drink of water and
two trips to the bathroom.” Fussing and crying ensue and
before you know it…you have lost your cool. Your child is
left in their bed crying and you find yourself angry, stressed
and questioning your parenting abilities. Creating five
special minutes before the lights are turned off provides a
secure backdrop in which true rest can come. As parents, we
often put pressure on ourselves to have it all under control.
This is impossible since we are mere humans and the more
we try to control a situation the faster it spirals out of
control. It is when we are truly honest and acknowledge our
limitations that we are able to let God in. He will do what we
cannot. Scripture tell us, “I can do everything through
Him who gives me strength.” ( Phil. 4:13) I challenge
you to open your heart and mind and ask God to become
part of your child’s bedtime ritual. Let Him lead you as you
create a circle of love and security that allows your little one
to sleep in peace. I truly believe bedtime can become a
special time that both you and your child will look forward
to. Are you ready? If so, away we go!
The first ingredient needed for a tranquil bedtime is a
tranquil you. An hour before your child’s bedtime…DIAL IT
BACK! Life is frantic enough these days without adding
additional stress to the end of the day. I realize that your
household cannot come to a complete standstill, but you can
dial back the tempo of your actions and the tone of your
voice . The clock is ticking, there are baths to be given and
laundry to be put away. Something snaps inside of you and
suddenly you become a drill sergeant barking out orders.
You may tell yourself that you are in a “time crunch” and are
just trying to get things done. Let’s be honest for a moment,
yelling, screaming and running a marathon seldom creates
the results we want. Often the exact opposite occurs.
Between the tears, threats and chaos, bedtime becomes even
more of a disaster. Learn to slow down your movements,
soften your tone and cut yourself some slack. Will the world
end if that basket of socks isn’t put away right this very
minute? You know that it won’t. A calm bedtime for your
little one trumps a basket of laundry every time. Tell
yourself, “I can do everything through Him who gives me
strength” and believe that indeed God will deliver on his
promise to do so. Listed below are a couple of scripture
verses to help you to “dial it back and slow it down.” Please
take the time to read them and embrace the promises that
are being offered to you. These will help assist you in
creating a tranquil environment for you and your child.
Matt. 11:28-30
Ps. 85:8



The Circle

The Circle
There once was a line that sat on the ground Ready to help he looked all around Spotting a family out in the cold He presented himself, a sight to behold “Let me circle around you and keep you secure I offer protection, my motives are pure” They accepted his offer as he circled around Inside of that circle, security was found Safe and secure the family did thrive Where none of its members were ever deprived Where those who had fallen, were uplifted with care Support and encouragement, laughter to spare The circle it fused and became stronger than steel And to all those within, the love they could feel The circle of love is so easy to find Invite loved ones in, leave no one behind To dwell in that circle is the greatest of things With love and security, well being it brings
(Cindi Walton 2013

On the other side of my mountain

As I approach sixty I often hear the expression,”it’s all down hill from now on.”  This implies that the best of my life has taken place, I’ve reached the summit and now I’ll slowly descend  the backside of the mountain where a grave awaits me.  I refuse to buy into that notion.  Yes my body aches, I have wrinkles and gray hair, but I’ve worked too hard to get to the top of my mountain and even though I will be traveling downhill as I crest this peak, I truly believe it will be a beautiful descent. The trip down will be easier than the sixty year upward climb.  I find I stress less, laugh more and stop to note the blue skies and hilly knolls.  People have replaced things, in terms of what is valuable.  Memories have become the photo albums of my mind which I look through more often.  Children become constant reminders that there is always hope and as long as there is hope in this world…things will be okay.  I realize that the trip down the mountain will bring along it’s own set of problems, but I have lived most of the hard stuff, fought most of the battles and have made it this far in my journey…I am now well equipped to make my descent.  I no longer seek, or need the approval of others, so I’m now free to peek in every cavern on my way down, exploring the hidden treasures I am sure to find.  Is it all downhill?  “Why yes it is!” I exclaim as I lift my arms like a bird, ready for flight.  I will soar down that mountain, stopping on every stone I encounter on the way down.  The best is yet to come and it is all on the other side of the mountain~mountain