On the other side of my mountain

As I approach sixty I often hear the expression,”it’s all down hill from now on.”  This implies that the best of my life has taken place, I’ve reached the summit and now I’ll slowly descend  the backside of the mountain where a grave awaits me.  I refuse to buy into that notion.  Yes my body aches, I have wrinkles and gray hair, but I’ve worked too hard to get to the top of my mountain and even though I will be traveling downhill as I crest this peak, I truly believe it will be a beautiful descent. The trip down will be easier than the sixty year upward climb.  I find I stress less, laugh more and stop to note the blue skies and hilly knolls.  People have replaced things, in terms of what is valuable.  Memories have become the photo albums of my mind which I look through more often.  Children become constant reminders that there is always hope and as long as there is hope in this world…things will be okay.  I realize that the trip down the mountain will bring along it’s own set of problems, but I have lived most of the hard stuff, fought most of the battles and have made it this far in my journey…I am now well equipped to make my descent.  I no longer seek, or need the approval of others, so I’m now free to peek in every cavern on my way down, exploring the hidden treasures I am sure to find.  Is it all downhill?  “Why yes it is!” I exclaim as I lift my arms like a bird, ready for flight.  I will soar down that mountain, stopping on every stone I encounter on the way down.  The best is yet to come and it is all on the other side of the mountain~mountain


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