Press Release for The Granny Monologue

For Immediate Release

Cindi Walton
Whimsical Words Publishing

When others begin to view you as “old” do you give in? Hell No, because aging ain’t the same as dead!

Kingsley, Michigan – February, 28 2016 – The Granny Monologue: When an accident lands you in a nursing home to recover and suddenly others view you as “OLD” do you sit back and take it? Hell No! Follow the humorous rant of a sixty year old woman who refuses to call herself old! Between granny panties and housecoats, she learns the truth about life’s ticking clock…aging ain’t the same as dead!

This comedy of errors is the newest release from author Cindi Walton and is now available on in both paperback and kindle editions

The Granny Monologue: Aging ain’t the same as dead! by Cindi Walton

Cindi Walton, a Northern Michigan native who is in love with her neck of the woods, even though she could do with a little less winter. Cindi is the founder of Sock Monkey Nation, a kindness and anti-bullying program. For more information please visit

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