The American Dream At Christmas

 We hear about the “American Dream” and how we should all strive to achieve it. Have you ever noticed that the “American Dream” consists of STUFF…houses, cars, travel, and frequent trips to the mall to purchase more. During this season of hope and good will I would like to challenge all of you to rethink your version of the American Dream..The great American Dream would be that the homeless have shelter and the hungry are fed. It would be wonderful if there were shoes on the feet of all, not Nike’s but rather shoes that were clean and did what shoes are supposed to do. The American Dream would eradicate violence from our homes, streets and schools and we would have an “America” where a good education was available regardless of the state, city or neighborhood you lived in. I dream of an America where I can say Merry Christmas and wish you a good day without being accused of being insensitive, for I am not offended when you celebrate your holidays or cultures. The American Dream is not about being a Republican or Democrat, it is about what is good for America. Families restored, respect for your fellow man and quality over quantity is my American Dream…these are just my reflections as we celebrate a time of good will and peace on earth!  May it reign for 365 days of the year and not just a few weeks in December!


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