What Does a Bully look like?



What does a bully look like?


What does a bully look like? Take a look in the mirror because a bully can look just like you or look just like me.  Bullies don’t always look like the scary person you see on the television or in a movie.  Bullies come in all sizes, can be any age or color.  Both girls and boys can be bullies.  The one thing that all bullies have in common is that they are mean and hurtful to others and that is not a good thing. At sock monkey nation we are all about kindness and doing kind things for those around us.  Kind people don’t bully others or try to make them feel bad.  They try to be a friend.  If you have ever seen a sock monkey you know that it is a stuffed toy that is soft.  There are no sharp edges or parts that can hurt you.  Sock monkeys have a smile on their face as if to say, “Hello, how are you? Have a nice day!” That is why sock monkeys don’t bully and neither should you. Just like in the movie Toy Story, sock monkeys have their own world where they seem to come to life and their world is all about being kind to others.  The best thing about kindness is that it works like magical seeds.  You sprinkle a little kindness throughout the day and…BOOM, smiles start to appear, sad people become happy people and it is all because of the kindness you have shown them.  Now bullies have the opposite effect.  Bullies suck the joy and happiness out of a person and replace it with fear and hurt feelings.  Where kindness spreads joy, bullies spread hate and hate is a terrible weed that can grow.  When we do mean and hurtful things we become like weeds in a garden that choke out a pretty flower that is trying to bloom.  Now that we know a bully can look like anyone, we need to see just what actions make a person a bully.


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